This is a little system updating for Nintendo 3DS and new 3DS console, sure including 2ds, 3ds xl, 3ds ll and new 3ds xl! 


The new system version of 3ds is 9.5.0-22! There is no much change as the previous system changing! It is just for improving system stability and enhancing use experience! 




What should we do if we use flashcards such as sky3ds, gateway 3ds, r4 card and so on? For this new Nintendo system, we need to do something or we need some new roms from flashcard suppliers? 


The answer is no! Sky3ds could work on 3ds 9.5.0-22 system directly and sky3ds official has confimed it! For gateway 3ds, gateway 3ds couldn't support 3ds 9.5 system and new 3ds console! 


For r4 card, we get news from them, The update of 9.5.0 system didn't bring trouble for r4 card users! So you don't worry about to use your flashcard on your 3ds and new 3ds console, it won't harm your console! 


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